Stocking the Store

It has been about a month since opening my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Things are moving slow and steady… maybe a little too slow for my liking! But, it is only July. Once the new school year approaches, activity should pick up. That is when my store will be put to the real test!

Mallow World on TPT

I just reached my first goal, which was to have 20 products listed before August 1st. So happy that I did it! It took a lot of time, and some things around the house were neglected (and my blog), but I feel it was worth the effort! My shop now includes decorations, classroom activities, alphabet resources, and clip-art. Below is my 20th product, Back to School Label Clip-art for back to school products and classroom decorations.

Back to School Label Clip-Art

Another bonus to reaching this goal is the design experience I am building. I am not a professional graphic designer, but I am becoming more confident with my skills. I love that I have found an outlet that allows me to use these skills and stay home with my kids!

Now that I feel my store is well stocked, I can focus on this blog and connecting with teachers. Oh, and clean the house!

If you are visiting from TPT and would like to connect, you can follow my blog, or find me on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Be sure to follow Mallow World on TPT too! Comment here with your shop and social media accounts, I would love to follow and support you too!



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