Animal Photo Booth Props

Photo booths… it’s the wedding trend that people either love or loathe. It has been done… a lot. And just like the mustache trend (which just so happens to overlap with the photo booth trend!) it can lose its charm over time. With that being said, I think there is no such thing as an overdone trend when it comes to children, because with children, everything is new and exciting! I love the idea of doing a class photo booth, or even just having the props in your child’s dress up box.

Animal Photo Booth Props

I decided to make a small Animal Photo Booth Prop set. There are six animal faces to make: monkey, dog, cat, duck, rabbit, and pig. These are so simple to put together too. Just download, print, and cut out the faces. Then, with hot glue, attach a dowel to the back. I used chopsticks and they worked great too! This set will work for anyone, but I think it will definitely appeal to preschool and kindergarten aged children the most.

Animal Photo Booth Props

Download this set on Teachers Pay Teachers:




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