The Pre-K Plan


Preschool means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, preschool starts as early as age 2 and for others, preschool is simply an introduction and practice for school. For us, we feel preschool isn’t necessary for our homeschool plans, however, I have decided to do it with Elle. The main reason I want to do it is not for Elle, but for me!

In my last post, I shared some of my flaws that I will have to overcome in order to homeschool successfully. Mainly organization and time-management. Preschool is as much of a practice for me as it is for Elle. While I don’t anticipate that it will be a disaster, if at some point, we realize that homeschooling does not fit with our family, we can easily make a decision to switch to public schools in time for kindergarten.

For our preschool curriculum, I will be loosely following two programs created by homeschool bloggers, Stacie Nelson, from Motherhood on a Dime and Becky Spence, from This Reading Mama. Both programs have a simple and informal format that can be adapted easily to meet Elle where she is at. They are very flexible… and free!

God’s Little Explorers from Motherhood on a Dime: I love the idea of  “Exploring God’s Word”. This program has a new adventure/exploration theme each week that focuses on a letter, Bible story, and life skills.

Reading the Alphabet from This Reading Mama: Elle has the preschool basics down and is ready to learn simple sight words. This program has a great structure for beginner readers- it focuses on a letter and its sound each week in addition to a sight word. Plus there are several printable activities included that will reinforce the word and letter sounds.


I have also created a calendar board which we have been using for several months now. We use it to keep track of the days, weather, our letter of the week, and our weekly Bible verse. Elle and Ben both love checking the calendar daily. I will be sharing how we put ours together in an upcoming post and will also include a free download, so be sure to subscribe or check back soon!

And finally, we will be taking advantage of some local programs: story time at the library, classes at the nature center, and trips to the zoo.

Did you do preschool at home, send your child to preschool, or skip it altogether? Comment and share your experience!





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