Easy Preschool Calendar Board


Today I want to share how I put together a calendar board for our home preschool. This has been a great tool to introduce a structured and consistent activity prior to starting our first homeschool year. We have used ours a lot and my pictures will indicate that Ben (2) has also used it a lot! Our calendar now has dents, missing pieces, and tears… but I promise yours will hold up better for your preschooler (unless they too have a younger brother or sister!)


I wanted our board to include a calendar, days of the week, a letter, verse, and weather. Many calendar boards include a lot more: seasons, time of day, making the date with money, daily schedule, etc. My goal was to keep the board fairly basic to begin with and add more later. If you want to create your own calendar board, you can be as creative and flexible as you wish which means there is no wrong way (or one way) to do it!

For inspiration, I turned to Pinterest… just like I always do! Immediately, I saw several boards made from tri-fold poster board. If you do not have a designated school space in your home, the tri-fold poster board can be folded up and tucked away when you are done with it. Perfect! I found mine at the dollar store. On another note, I bought a second one to use for photographing my products. I prop it up on my front porch and use my phone’s camera… works fantastic!



To make pockets and backgrounds for each section, I purchased scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and used printable pocket templates that I had found online a while ago. Our calendar needed several pockets of various sizes to hold our weather pieces, letters, and each day of the week for our “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” activity (inspired by this calendar board from COUNTING COCONUTS). I cut simple squares of kraft paper to use as a background for the weather and letter of the week, then I hot glued the pockets and backgrounds to the board. Next, I added VELCRO DOTS to the detachable weather pieces, calendar dates, month headings, and alphabet letters. For our verse of the week, I used a dry erase name plate and also attached Velcro Dots so that I could easily remove it to write on. I really wanted the board to be interactive and easy for Elle to put up and pull off pieces.


For the actual calendar, I found a 12 x 12″ scrapbook sheet of a blank calendar while picking out papers for the pockets. I decided to use it because it fit so perfectly with the color scheme I wanted. It looks cute, but it is very small and I will probably need find a more practical calendar before too long. Plus, I had to create custom dates to match the circle design on the calendar… cutting out circles (especially small ones) is not any fun and I have such poor scissor skills!

I also created my own headings for each category, month, days of the week, and “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” sticks. You can download them for free here:



You can find my Weather Cards and Alphabet Cards for the letter of the week in my shop here:





To make the “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” activity, you will need to make 7 small pockets, one for each day of the week. Next, cut out the days of the week from my free printable and glue them to the front of each pocket. Arrange the pockets in a row and glue/staple them to the board. Next, cut out the yesterday, today, and tomorrow circles from the printable. Hot glue each circle to the top of a popsicle stick. Your child can place the sticks in the appropriate day of the week and change them daily. We sing the song below while we do this activity to the tune of Frère Jacques:


Today is Monday,

(Today is Monday)

Yesterday was Sunday,

(Yesterday was Sunday)

Tomorrow is Tuesday,

(Tomorrow is Tuesday)

Today is Monday.

(Today is Monday)


Lastly, you can find additional weather cards in this free printable WEATHER STATION from MR. PRINTABLES.

weather_cardsThe Weather Station is very cute and can be used on your calendar board as well. I used the weather cards from the set prior to making my own.

I hope you were able to take away a few ideas for making your own calendar board! If you have made a calendar board before, please share your ideas!


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