Happy Malloween!!


Happy Malloween! Thanks for stopping by Mallow World! If you are visiting from the Franken-Doodle-Stein blog hop, you are in the right place for some Malloween freebies! If you happened to land here by other means (broomstick or apparition) feel free to scroll through (if you dare, muwahaha!) and jump around to grab some good, old-fashioned, Halloween loot!

This October, a group of TPT clip-artists collaborated to make Franken-Doodle-Stein. A beautiful monsterpiece stitched together seamlessly by some very talented artists! Each participant took turns passing “Frank” around, adding an arm, shoes, pet, girlfriend, etc. Not only was it fun to work with these artists, but I especially enjoyed having to rise to the challenge and level of some seriously talented people! I mean… these are real artists… you know… they can actually draw! Me? Well, this is how well I draw:


Shield your children, it is truly frightening! I warned them, but they still let me play along!

Thankfully, I was able to apply my skills (using my non-hand-drawn techniques) and add the ghoulish Reaper and skeleton hand to our friend, Frank.

To make your own Franken-Doodle-Stein Poster, you will have to collect a piece from each artist by visiting their blog and TPT store. There are 12 pieces to collect plus you will find bonus freebies along the way! Once all your pieces are collected, you can print, cut, and assemble your poster. This is such a great way to meet and follow TPT artists! If you missed my previous post and want to join the Franken-Doodle-Stein blog hop, you can jump in with Michelle, The 3AM Teacher. To download your poster pieces, start at Michelle’s TPT store here.


Before I post my Malloween Freebies, I have to mention and thank Dr. Michelle, the 3AM Teacher for organizing this blog-hop and managing the process of creating Frank. This was truly her vision and experiment from the beginning. Next, a big shout-out to Mad-Scientist Sarah from Sarah Pecorino Illustration for putting together our Franken-Doodle-Stein printable!

So now, on to the freebies! I have included a ghost, haunted house (in color and black and white), an orange banner, and a spooky digital paper background.


ghost_mw   haunted_house_mallowworld    orange_halloween_banner     purple_chalkboard_2

One last thing! My TPT shop will be on sale this week because it’s a good excuse for me to use the word Malloween some more… ok, not really the reason, but still. Check it out: the sale will end Nov. 1st!

Happy Malloween Halloween everyone!




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