Saying Goodbye is Ruff


regan_1Last week we said goodbye to our sweet dog, Regan von Regglesworth McPuppy Pants. No, that was officially not her name, but over time, we gave her plenty of nicknames. Officially, she was Regan. That was her name when we adopted her from a dog rescue organization. She was a used dog, not even a year old when we adopted her. Originally, she was among a litter of puppies adopted out, only to be returned to the rescue organization 8 months later. At that time, Steve and I were in the process of closing on our house. I warned him early in our marriage that I would get a dog as soon as we owned a home. He seemed OK with the idea, but assumed I didn’t mean immediately. Two weeks before we moved, I found Regan online, made an appointment to meet her, and started the adoption process. I picked her up from the shelter the day we moved into our house.

Regan was a complicated dog. She was dominant and always struggling to find her place, but she eventually mellowed out. Regan had just turned 8 in December and seemed pretty healthy. Out of shape, like us, but healthy. Her becoming sick was sudden and we are still trying to understand why. We have questioned our decisions and timing, but the reality is, her body was attacking her red blood cells. Her decline was quick and we were faced with having to put her to sleep to ease her suffering… but by that point, she would have passed away within a couple of hours. Poor dog.

We are thankful for the time we had with her. She was a muddy nuisance, but a gift and loyal companion. Goodbye Professor Poopy-Paws. We love you.



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