Programming Activities by Mallow World

Kindergarten Programming Activities

In my previous post, I discussed the topic of teaching code to kids in Kindergarten and why introducing code at a young age will benefit them in the future. Now I want to take a closer look at the programming series I created called C-Quince: Kids in Code.

Programming Activities by Mallow World

Programming Activities by Mallow World

This series offers screen-free printable activities that introduce code through hands-on puzzles and games. I have been very encouraged by the positive feedback and interest in this series, so I want to confirm that I do plan to add more content. In addition to new activities, I… actually, we are developing an online tool for creating programs with C-Quince. My husband, Stephen- the real programmer, will be behind-the-scenes making this a reality. This tool is going to be FREE and now live to demo. Take a look here: C-QUINCE ONLINE CODE TOOL

If teaching code seems intimidating because you are not a programmer then you will love that C-Quince was designed to be a practical supplement for a variety of situations, themes and curriculum.

C-Quince: Kids in Code includes 8 activities plus coloring pages, vocabulary flash cards, and answer sheets. All the activities were designed for Kindergartners, but some activities, especially the class games, will work for 1st and 2nd graders as well. The main programming concepts used are IF/THEN statements, directions, commands, debugging, and sorting. Not to mention, all of the activities can double as math! C-Quince will require logical thinking, problem solving, and spacial reasoning and can be a great addition to math centers.

IF/THEN Statements

Code Colors is a simple coloring activity. Read the IF/THEN statements in the code box to determine what color to use. For example: If the shape is a circle, then color the shape green.

Programming Activities by Mallow World
Direction Commands

There are several activities that work on directions and commands. Direction Command Puzzles will help kids learn “Left” “Right” “Up” and “Down” as they match arrows with colors to make a path for C-Quince. Play the Direction Commands Game with your class. Students will create a puzzle in the room with color circles and arrow pieces. Choose someone to be C-Quince and follow the path!

Programming Activities by Mallow World

Programming Activities by Mallow World
When students are comfortable with directions, move on to Complete the Code and Build a Maze. In these activities, students will need to write the commands for each step of the maze by determining the direction and distance. For example: Move “Down” “4” dots.

Programming Activities by Mallow World

This variation of the Direction Commands Puzzles includes bugs that need to be fixed. Use arrows to cover up the bugs and correctly direct C-Quince through the puzzle. Use the Find the Error worksheet (not pictured) to reinforce finding bugs. Circle the object that does not belong to each group.

Programming Activities by Mallow World
Programming Activities by Mallow World
Shuffle and Sort

Put a real programming algorithm to the test. Divide students into two groups. One group is assigned a color and number and the other group uses the algorithm to “shuffle” them into rows of colors and then “sorts” them by numerical order. When your class has mastered this game, try to sort using other methods, such as height or age.

Programming Activities by Mallow World
Coloring Pages and Vocabulary

Color arrows, C-Quince, and Bug for some extra fun! The coloring pages can be printed in full or half pages. Use the vocabulary sheet and flashcards to learn about computers, computer science, and programming. A discussion sheet is also included to help students relate programming to technology they use every day.

How To Purchase

You can purchase C-Quince: Kids in Code from my shop, Mallow World. Visit my store on Educents or Teachers Pay Teachers. Follow my store to receive updates on C-Quince or subscribe to this blog. There will be more material added and you will want to stay informed… online tools and community projects will be coming soon! Thank you for supporting Mallow World!


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