Free Digital Paper: Spring Watercolor Doodles



Today I want to share a free download to say THANK YOU to all my new subscribers! I appreciate the follows and support… I still have a lot of work to do on my blog and I need to refine its purpose and direction, but I am so encouraged to keep at it! I will be linking to a free digital paper: Spring Watercolor Doodles, at the end of the post. We are in summer mode here, but it is still technically spring, right!? So this paper should be acceptable… I hope!


Watercolor Pencils

A couple of months ago I discovered watercolor pencils. I am not an artist and definitely not savvy about using watercolor paint. However, watercolor pencils are so practical and simple, I found that I was able to create not-too-shabby art without much knowledge or technique. Even Elle (5), enjoyed using them and I will go out on a limb and say that watercolor pencils can be thrown in your child’s bag for an on-the-go, portable activity. You just need a water brush and watercolor paper to paint nearly mess-free!


There are two ways to work with watercolor pencils:

  1. Draw or color in with your pencil first, then use a water brush or a paint brush dipped in water to paint over the pencil.
  2. Or, add water to your paper first, then dip your pencil in the water. This is a great way to create a palette of color to dip your brushes in.




I really loved filling in doodles with a touch of watercolor to make quirky and imperfect pictures, a stark contrast to the all-digital, precise creations I typically make. Below are pictures of my first experimentation with pen doodles and watercolor. The doodles were cute enough, I scanned them in, created a pattern, and turned them into a 12″ x 12″ JPG for those who just love digital or scrapbook papers! I hope someone can put it to good use!



FREE Digital Paper Download


This free paper is for personal or commercial use, however I appreciate credit given to Mallow World if possible. Thanks again and enjoy these last days of spring (even though I say it’s summer now)!




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