2017 Design Challenge

2017 Design Challenge

I will be honest: I never follow through with New Year’s resolutions. Never! In fact, I quit making resolutions a long time ago because the first one on my list became “Resolve to resolute“… which doesn’t even make sense! However, I do love being motivated to create and a 365 project has always appealed to me. Realistically, though, I burn out around day 100.

2012 Photo Journal

In the past I attempted a 365 photo journal which was very fun. At least until my camera broke. It’s still busted, by the way. *ugly cries* But it might have fizzled because I ran out of interesting things to take pictures of… hazards of being a homebody! Again, I really had fun trying and I have the feeling that I would be much more successful if I tried a photo project again due to the fact that I now have an iPhone and Instagram. Seriously! How did I survive before?! Below are a few images from my 2012 365 Photo Journal.


2017 Design Challenge

This year, I have decided to focus on graphic design. My design challenges will be monthly (so that I have a chance to complete them) and they will focus on areas I want to improve, skills I want to learn, and creating just for the sake of creating what I love to create! For example, one month I will collect textures and another month I will work on hand lettering. My challenges will vary from sketching and painting to working exclusively with software.


This project will also be extremely flexible and I am not assigning them to any particular month. At the end of each month, I will recap that month’s challenge here on my blog as well as reveal what I will work on for the next month, and, hopefully, there will be lots of free downloads as a result! I will update my progress throughout the month on Instagram, so be sure to follow me or search for #mallowworld2017.

These are exciting times! I’m pumped! Let’s do this!

January Design Challegne: Kid Drawn Patterns

Up first, Kid Drawn Patterns. Kid sketches can be so funny and creative. I have been wanting to use more whimsical drawings in my work, but I cannot replicate the look in my sterile, software environment. Although my (literally-turning-as-we-speak) six year old is not a proficient artist, combining several small sketches into a repeating pattern can turn imperfections into a quirky masterpiece. I cannot wait to get started! Wish me luck!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions or goals for 2017? Share in the comments and I promise to cheer you on! Happy New Year!


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