2017 Design Challenge: March Motion Graphics


Ruh-roh! I’m ten days into April and just now posting about March’s design assignment! Not only am I late, but I also switched assignments from logo design to motion graphics. On top of that, I’m not even done with the assignment! This is a hard place for me to be because the moment I get off track, I want to give up. BUT! I created this challenge to allow for wiggle room by not declaring assignments upfront or boxing myself into strict time tables. I would rather take my time (or add extra time) to complete these assignments than hastily rush or post something unfinished.


It happens. I got derailed. I was excited to dive into logos which I love to create just for the fun anyway. However, I was absorbed in learning new software in order to build informational videos for my kindergarten code product. Most of my time was spent studying, doing courses, and becoming familiar with After Effects. I was also busy building graphics to use in these videos, so needless to say, there was no time left over for my assignment.

Then it dawned on me to change my assignment to motion graphics. Why not, right? I’m learning new skills and gaining experience… which is the purpose for my design challenge! Why feel guilty for not working on logos?!

Not Done Yet!

Making motion graphic videos is time consuming! I really wish I had something to show for all the work I did in March, but I decided to carry this assignment over into April. This project has turned out to be incredibly valuable! I cannot wait to debut my video later this month (hopefully)!


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