2017 Design Challenge: April Motion Graphics

Despite a few setbacks, distractions, and switching assignments, I do have a finished project, though it went a completely different direction from where I started. Flexibility and Patience. Those are two words to live by when you are trying to be a “part-time” part-timer! Moving on…

After Effects

Motion Graphics

April’s assignment was a continuation of March’s assignment. I spent most of March, April even, learning new software: After Effects. AE is the primary tool for making motion graphics, which creates an animated illusion for text and graphics. I found myself moving towards motion graphics because it is the most practical and effective way for me to create informative videos. I’m not a talking head sort of gal and prefer to voice over and illustrate.

The Project

Initially, I began making a video for C-Quince: Kids in Code. This is a product that I am extremely passionate about, but it needs a lot of explanation. A video summary and demo was my goal, but it was a massive undertaking given my inexperience with AE and the length and complexity required. Simply stated, it was too much to do for my design challenge assignment.


So, I opted to make a shorter and sweeter video for a different product. The motion graphic portion is very brief, but I am still only scratching the surface of what AE can do. To do anything more than what I did in this project requires a lot of planning upfront. Not to mention, each tweak and adjustment is tedious and time consuming. And then there are all the from-scratch graphics that I am building in AI simultaneously. It’s not simple, but it is serious fun and I love it!

The Video

Finally, I have something to show you! Click the image below to watch my Number Line demo!


If you are curious about the number lines, you can find them in my shop: HERE.

Lessons Learned

There are so many new skills I learned, so despite consuming two months of my design project, the knowledge gained was worth the extra time. Here are just a few examples:

  • Learned new software
  • Forced to improve workflow
  • Learned about video editing and terms
  • Linking files
  • Animating text and graphics

Next Assigment

For May, I will be revisiting the logo assignment I meant to do in March. I’m looking forward to applying some new techniques I’ve picked up in the recent months as well as step back and work on a simpler exercise. I love making logos for fun and doing them periodically allows me to assess how I am improving. Feel free to share some logo/business suggestions in the comments and follow me on INSTAGRAM to see updates throughout the month. Search #mallowworld2017.


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