2017 Design Challenge: March Motion Graphics

  Ruh-roh! I'm ten days into April and just now posting about March's design assignment! Not only am I late, but I also switched assignments from logo design to motion graphics. On top of that, I'm not even done with the assignment! This is a hard place for me to be because the moment I … Continue reading 2017 Design Challenge: March Motion Graphics


New Things

Happy Fall, everyone! Life has been full lately and we have successfully (and officially) begun homeschool! This new family chapter required time to transition and organize, so naturally, I have stepped back from posting on the blog and making products. You may have noticed that I am tweaking the design of the blog. My plan … Continue reading New Things

Programming Activities by Mallow World

Teaching Code in Kindergarten

Teaching code in Kindergarten: Whoa... is this actually happening? Shouldn't Kindergarten be focused on the alphabet, number recognition, and learning to read? Naturally, yes, but Kindergarten is also a great age to introduce some fundamental programming  concepts! These programming concepts are so practical, they echo many areas of math that are already being used to develop problem-solving skills … Continue reading Teaching Code in Kindergarten